Full Service Website Marketing

Creating effective solutions for any online presence through research, creative thinking and experience.

Visitor Perception

Visitor preception is undstanding the target audiences view of your website, brand and online identity from their perspective. We consult with customers on identifying issues that conflict with their desired online identity (brand) and how to impliment sucessful solutions. Our solutions address design, market image, functionality and structure of the website.

Social Media Marketing

We offer consultations, installations, modifications and feeds for all Social Media Marketing applications and services. These include but are not limited to: Facebook Ads, Groupon’s, Yelp, Livingsocial.com, Twitter, Blogs and Forums.

Natural Search Listings / Search Engine Optimization

Whether you are optimizing a whole website or one page there are numerous changes to the website that must be made in order to achieve higher natural search listings. These include, but are not limited to: title tags, description tags, H1 tags, relevent content, fresh content, XML and customer site maps, footer navigation, social media marketing and more…

Paid Search Engine Listings

We can advise and establish a Google AdWords or Windows Sponsored Search (Yahoo, Bing) account to advertise a website in pay per click areas of the major search engines. This can include consultation, establishing campaign settings, creating Ad Groups and Ads specific to search terms, setting up conversion codes to track click conversions, and more. A maintenance fee may be required for continued monitoring and maintenance.

Mobile Website Marketing

Mobile website marketing is a service designed to create an effective mobile website that markets to the mobile audience.

Analytics and Reporting Services

Analytical software like Google Analytics can offer an enormous amount of detailed information into traffic origination, visitor behavior and tracking of marketing elements. This is an effective tool in helping businesses make better and more cost effective marketing decisions. A report will allow us to understand your overall search footprint and can offer insight into creating a more successful online presence.

Local Listings

Establishing a local search presence is vital as search engines often promote local companies over non-local companies. We can establish and customize your local results to improve your local exposure for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Email Marketing

Email campaigns are an effective tool for both informing and retaining current customers. We work with several solutions and can provide everything from complete scheduled emails to consulting and establishing an email service.

Marketing Consultation

Our consultation service addresses the needs of your company, the needs of your targeted audiences and the methods of bringing those audiences to your website.

Domain Name Research

Domain name research is the process of reviewing current available domain names and their relevance to search terms. Phrase or keyword research is the process of extensively researching, organizing and prioritizing search phrases for your audience. This service provides a company with an efficient and effective search term list to be used in all aspects of online marketing from Search Engine Optimization to Pay Per Clicks, blogging etc.